Black Ink Crew: Charmaine Bey Dad Dies

Black Ink Crew: Charmaine Bey Dad Has Passed Away

Black Ink Crew: Charmaine Bey Dad Dies!

When you watch the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew, fans of the series will watch as Charmaine Bey’s father passes away. Read on as Charmaine Bey Dad dies…

According to Charmaine took care of her daddy and flew him up to Chicago, but Charmaine’s dad passed away.

Unfortunately, his treatment didn’t take and her dad requested to go back to Louisiana to die in his own home.

During the series, Charmaine is dealt another deck of cards that sucks because not only did she lose her mom two years ago — now her dad passes away from esophageal cancer.

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” cast member Charmaine Bey announced on social media that her father, Michael Walker, succumbed to his battle with esophageal cancer.

The reality star shared a heartbreaking message confirming her father’s passing on Instagram, along with multiple images of the pair sharing sweet daddy-daughter moments.

Charmaine took to Instagram writing:

Today you transitioned ??? it’s been a hard few months but If I can find the positive, I’m glad you no longer have to suffer. I love you forever pops. Daddy’s girl forever.


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Have you noticed both times that Charmaine was pregnant, she lost one of her parents?

Our condolences go out to Charmaine, losing a parent is the worst feeling ever.