Genesis Dad Reez BLASTS Sky and Her Son Des

Genesis Dad Reez BLASTS Sky and Her Son Des

The drama between Sky and her son Genesis just never ends on social media. You may have seen Sky attempting to make amends with he oldest son Genesis, but he wanted nothing to do with her.

Things went REAL LEFT when Sky got real nasty instead of being a mom consoling her son. The end result, Genesis walked out and said he hates her. Read on for more tea…

Genesis Dad Reez BLASTS Sky and Her Son DesCelebNReality247 has the latest developments since Sky’s ex Reez took to social media to reveal more unflattering things about Sky.

Reez also weighed in on Sky and her other son Des, after he said that he feels Genesis needs to give his mom a chance.

Here is what Reez said to Genesis’ other brother Des, who he feels that he needs to get to know his real father, not just his adopted father.

Reez posts:

…And they don’t know who you are. Boom, you’ll have kids by your sister…

You see, that’s the dumb s*** you do when you give up your kids for adoption. S***, they might f*** around and sleep with they own family, ‘cause they don’t f***ing know.

The next thing you know, you got these crazy a** kids running around here and s***, because they done slept with they own family. Because they don’t know who the f*** they family is.

This little n**** don’t know his father might have high blood pressure. They might have diabetes… Cancer run in the family. Anything… It might hit him, and… Bam! Hit em at motherf****** 35, 40, and you don’t know why. Because you need to meet your f****** father, and stop being a little punk man.

Watch why Genesis walked out on his mother:


Sky has claimed that her sons are twins, but Reez doubles down on his story that Genesis and Des ARE NOT twins.  In fact, he tells a story of how he almost got into it with Clinton over Sky. Reez says he caught Sky out with Clinton multiple times.

Your real father. Not that motherf****** white dude over there that act like he yo’ daddy. That ain’t your daddy homeboy.
Yo’ momma spread her legs open for that dude Clinton Whittit. Y’all can go find him too; Clinton Whittit.
His name was Redd in the streets.

It appears that Sky has fabricated a lot of untrue’s in order to clean up her Black Ink Crew image. If Reez is telling the truth, this is sad because Sky is still real hood and goes off a the drop of a hat. She seriously NEEDS anger management.

Sky and Des seem to be getting along just fine despite all the drama with her other son who can’t let the past go. He NEEDS to learn to forgive to push forward, but he’s a lot like his mom, and that is the problem.

Check it:

Miss Wildin out with the Awsome Gma??

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Doesn’t it seem like Reez is just out for 15-minutes and a check?