High Design Turns Struggling Cannabis Dispensaries Into Epic Retail Spaces

High Design Turns Struggling Cannabis Dispensaries Into Epic Retail Spaces!

There is a new series on Discovery + and we are totally loving every minute of it. Kim Myles is an expect when it comes to remodeling struggling cannabis dispensaries and making them works of art…

CelebnReality247.com is in love with HGTV Design Star winner Kim Myles who had the idea for her new Discovery+ business makeover show High Design, on which she helps some of America’s small businesses.

Who knew that the small businesses would be struggling cannabis dispensaries? Kim did!

Kim explains:

I have loved it for most of my adult life. And as a consequence, I have purchased a lot of it over the years in a lot of different shops. And the origin of the idea, the real lightbulb moment, was realizing just how much money I was spending in environments that made me feel like I was a criminal. They were dark, they were dingy. They were ugly.

Myles is breaking new ground when it comes to HGTV design shows.

Kim is the first designer to make a show all about redesigning cannabis dispensaries.

Have you ever been to a cannabis dispensaries? Like Kim says a lot of the dispensaries make you “feel like a criminal” they are “dark…dingy and ugly.”

She is changing all that.

Kim is redesigning spots in the 19 states that have legalized its recreational use and turning her pot buying experience into terrific reality TV that also breaks new ground.

She states:

We are the first cannab?s design makeover show!

When Kim pitched the show, “everybody said, There will never be ad dollars, you’ll never sell it. We can’t buy it,” because the content is still “taboo.”

But the changing nature of television made the show possible.

The rise of streaming has created opportunities for content makers like me to bring something to the table, and for major companies like Discovery+ to say, Yeah, we’re gonna bet on that. We aren’t strangled by ad dollars in that very specific, old-school, legacy media way.

Now, you can watch one of the coolest shows on Discovery+ High Design!