Shahs MJ Javid Speaks On Mike Shouhed Arrest

Shahs MJ Javid Speaks On Mike Shouhed Arrest

Shahs MJ Javid Speaks On Mike Shouhed Arrest!

Like many of you, we are still upset to hear that about the Shahs of Sunset cancellation. However, Mercedes “MJ” Javid weighed in of Mike Shouhed‘s recent arrest reports that Mercedes “MJ” Javid was shocked to see how “angry” and “violent” Mike Shouhed became…she had never seen that side of him before.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid said on the April 11 episode of SiriusXM Radio’s Jeff Lewis Live:

I’ve never, ever, ever seen [Mike] violent and I’ve never seen him be angry. I was shocked because I think that unless I was literally in the room, a witness to it, [he’s] innocent until proven guilty.

Jeff replied:

Is it possible that this person could be, I don’t know, setting him up?

MJ answered:


Jeff then wanted to know if there was another person involved.

The Shahs of Sunset OG shared, noting that there may have been another woman present when the alleged incident went down.

It sounds like it was somebody else and that’s what, in the grapevine it’s like, it wasn’t Mike and Paulina. It was a third person that was involved. That’s what I heard, that it wasn’t Paulina.

I actually texted him, and [Shervin Roohparvar] and Mike and [Nema Vand] that I thought it was a threesome… Allegedly.

She has had Mike’s back for years, but when it comes to the latest allegations against him, things are no different.

MJ said of the potential mystery woman involved with Mike and Paulina:

Maybe she’s sus and he’s totally innocent and it was just a Saturday night gone wrong. I mean like, ‘F-ck. What if that person never came over to our house, everything would be fine. None of this would have happened.’

MJ’s Reaction to Shahs of Sunset Cancellation:

Mercedes revealed that she did get a heads up from Bravo before the news was shared about Shahs.

She confirmed:

Bravo is not going to do you dirty. They’re going to pick the phone and talk to you.

According to MJ, a few cast members got a phone call in advance that was not bad news. And, when Jeff wanted to know if that call was in reference to a possible new show, or new shows, MJ seemed to suggest that she and her castmates were moving on by giving a nod to the credibility of the outlet on which the spinoff news was first shared.

On the possibility of a Shahs spin-off show, MJ, who is “trying to stay ready for camera,” said:

If it was going to be a new show I would imagine that they would focus on the people that were bringing it. Our show was just a small cast of just a few of us. It started with two best friends from childhood, me and Reza and GG and the other people have come and [gone].

As for Mike returning? That will not be happening.

MJ revealed:

Mike has so many… He has a building, real estate stuff going on and he’s got some personal stuff going on.