Is Bravo FIRING A Real Housewives of New Jersey Matriarch

Is Bravo FIRING A Real Housewives of New Jersey Matriarch

Is Bravo FIRING A Real Housewives of New Jersey Matriarch?

According to insiders close to Bravo word is that the matriarch of The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise may not be returning for season 13… is hearing whispers that Teresa Giudice may be getting the axe for the way she has been acting all season 12.

She has been extremely defensive about her relationship with her fiancé Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

Teresa Giudice has been on the attack anytime Margaret Josephs is around her and during Tuesday night’s episode things came to a volcanic eruption at dinner in Nashville.

Not to mention the multiple times that Teresa has refused to film with the other Housewives because she is sick of the bringing up Luis’ past and throwing it in her face.

A blind item has surfaced and it appears that Teresa’s bestie might be the one taking her spot.

That would be a slap in the face for Teresa since Bravo producers are allegedly thinking about rebranding the focus of the show. According to the blind item, the producers are thinking of following a Turkish family as the main household.

That means it would focus around Jennifer Aydin and her husband Bill Aydin and their kids.

It would also mean that they would cast some of Jennifer’s family and/or friends to mix in with the other ladies of New Jersey to spice things up.

Dolores did say that the show needs a shakeup. This would be one hell of a shakeup for Teresa. She would probably be on the attack against Jennifer if this is actually true.

Personally we love Teresa, so without her family on the show, we would probably not watch.