Jersey Shore JWOWW Boyfriend Drama Escalates With Angelina

Jersey Shore JWOWW Boyfriend Drama Escalates With Angelina

On Thursday nights Jersey Shore Family Vacation, a lot of wrongs were made and one person is at fault for NOT STOPPING 24!

Jenni JWOWW Farley is head over heels for her hunky and hung 24-year-old Zack Clayton Carpinello, but when she brought sand to the beach all bets were off.  Last week 24 joined the Jersey Shore Family a quickly learned from Angelina that newbies can’t make fun of her as the boys do. Read on for more tea on JWOWW Boyfriend Drama with Angelina… has to admit, Zach was trying to fit in, but this is where age plays a factor. 24 is exactly that, he’s 24-years-old so making fun of an engaged woman was out of line.

We could tell some of the influence came from his girlfriend JWOWW and she NEEDS to own that. Zach already had a biased opinion of Angelina Pivarnick, and truthfully it was NOT fair, but as the night played out, it just got ugly and lines were crossed.

This is for Angelina:

Jenni JWOWW Farley was acting out like a schoolgirl with her guard down and so she ended up in a blackout. We’ve all been there, but if you’re around “FRIENDS” then shouldn’t have to worry about another girl flirting with her man.

Zach may be young, but Angelina should have known better. The bottom line is this – If Jenni and Angelina are still trying to mend fences and get along, the last thing Angelina should have done was kiss 24 on the cheek.

24 is OFF LIMITS Angelina! He is Jenni’s man PERIOD! You would NEVER see Nicole do that – not even in meatball mode. SMH!

Let’s be real Angelina, you should have taken his hand off your butt. And after you got back to New Jersey you should have called Jenni and told her before Vinny spilled the tea in the group chat. Honesty would have been the better road. Just admit you were drunk, you F’d up and you were wrong. Jenni would have been cool, pissed, but cool.

While at Deena’s son’s baptismol, Nicole tries to speak with Angelina but she’s in defense mode. Snooki tries to explain we all make mistakes, but Angelina is NOT listening. At this point the damage is done and Jenni is only hearing Zack Clayton Carpinello’s side. It’s a lose lose for Pivarnick!

Jenni has every right to be mad, but Zach is equally guilty for grabbing on Angelina’s butt.

What was frustrating to watch is seeing Angelina being grabbed by Zach and then playing along with it while Jenni was passed out. That is a fight is any B—- did that to my man!

Vinny tries to tell Jenni about what happened at the club between Zach and Angelina, but it’s an all out WAR!

This is for Zach and Jenni:

As for Zach, bro, if you’re with Jenni, then don’t be groping hr friends. This is why we say he is young, and Jenni NEEDS to realize, just have fun with him, teach him some things and send him on his way after a year or so. Real talk. Young is fun, great sex, but you know, he needs to sow his oats and see what he does while you’re passed out?

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