Jersey Shore: Angelina Was The Kiss Worth The Drama

Jersey Shore: Angelina Was The Kiss Worth The Drama

Angelina may have said on camera “I just think [Zack] is creepy,” but if that was the case then why did you kiss a creepy guy on the cheek?

Sorry to be calling Angelina our like that, but facts are facts! We love her raunchiness on the show because she is a lot of fun, but her antics are her downfall. Read on…


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On Thursday’s episode of the MTV reality show, the shhh hit the fan following a drunken night out in Las Vegas, which began with a fight between Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello at dinner.

The night didn’t stop there, oh no, it escalated when JWoww’s boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello got a little too close for comfort with Angelina Pivarnick at the club.

Makin things worse when asked about the incident no one can remember how it all played out since everyone was LIT except for Vinny Guadagnino who was sober ALL night.

During one of her Jersey Shore Family Vacation outtakes Angelina told cameras:

I just think [Zack] is creepy. If you’re in a relationship with somebody, you don’t go ahead and grab another girl. I don’t care if it was my side, I don’t care if it was my ass, it’s just weird altogether.

We get that, but if he is sooooo creepy then why kiss him at all?

While Jenni was under the impression everything was 100 with her roomies saying:

I think 24 did great with the roomies. I really wish I remember more. I don’t, so I like to say he did good.

Angelina was talking with Vinny, who felt Zack had acted inappropriately, about last night saying:

I saw you guys dancing at Drai’s and he grabbed you…What the f— was that?

Angelina replied:

You saw it! Thank God. I wasn’t dreaming. Jenni was right here, you were next to him and he grabbed you and was touching your a–. That was weird.

She goes on to say:

Oh, his hand was all over that s—. I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on the kid. In all honesty, I felt that he got too comfortable way too quick with me. It wasn’t normal.

Fast forward to New Jersey:

If you ask Jenni, what Zach did was harmless. According to Zach’s version of the story, Jenni and Zack were facing each other, kissing, when Angelina leaned in from the side to intercept them, planting a kiss on the side of Zack’s mouth. Vinny insisted he didn’t see that happen. What the cameras caught was Jenni and Zach kissing and Angelina planting a kiss on his cheek. After the kiss, he put his hand around her and grabbed her butt. However, Angelina acted out first. And that is why Jenni is convinced Angelina was the one who acted inappropriately

JWoww said:

To me, that’s harmless.

As for Angelina:

I don’t trust Angelina! I truly believe Zack, he’s not capable of lying. There’s nothing for him to gain out of that.

Despite Vinny telling JWoww that he “saw him dancing with the two of you” and Zach “reached around and probably touched [her thigh] to dance with both of you, which was weird to me,” she’s taken 24’s side.

So we ask Angelina “was kissing a creep worth it?

For JWoww it was too much and that’s why she dumped Zach hours after the show aired.

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