Jersey Shores’ Angelina Pivarnick Hospitalized For Stress

Jersey Shores' Angelina Pivarnick Hospitalized For Stress

Jersey Shores’ Angelina Pivarnick Hospitalized For Stress!

According to reports Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick shared she was in the hospital on April 12, 2022… reports that the MTV reality star, who is actively going through a divorce from Chris Larangeira, had to say this about her health on social media.

“In the hospital,” Angelina wrote in her Instagram Stories. “Please [whoever] is calling me and texting, give me time to respond.”

The spitfire of Jersey Shore has been going through a lot over the past year with her soon to be ex-husband Chris Larangeira.

On the first half of season 5 of jersey Shore Family Vacation Angelina gave herself a decision date if she would stay with Chris or divorce him. Well that day came and went on the series as she and Chris looked to be working it out.

Unfortunately, earlier in the year Chris must have seen Angelina’s plans while watching the show, so he filed for divorce.

The reality star was previously in Miami at the end of March 2022. After that, her most recent Instagram post is from April 2 — a professional photo of Angelina with the caption: “You stay on my mind.”

The stress seem to become too much for her and she was rushed to the hospital. She wrote:

I’m not doing well at all. I need to get better. My health comes before everything else.

On Thursday, Angelina Marie Larangeira gave an update on her health, Tweeting:

Feeling a little better today thankfully Day by day I am getting there. Thanks for all the texts and phone calls and dms. I love you guys for checking up on me ?????

Angelina Clarifies Why She was Hospitalized

She clarified why she was in the hospital.

“My immune system [has] been super low from all the stress I’ve endured the past couple of months,” she said, hinting at the divorce process.

‘Jersey Shore’ star post continued:

I wish this pain on no one in this entire world. I hope this too shall pass and I hope brighter days are ahead of me.

Stress is definitely a killer. No one lives in my bones and can understand the amount of pain I’ve endured lately.

God has me; that’s all that matters. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon enough, I will see the light. I’m just waiting to see it. I have been keeping prayers and God closer than ever and I know he’s got big plans for me. I love you, God.

Meanwhile, The Jersey Shore couple has gone off the grid before. With Angelina in the hospital, many fans wondered if Chris had anything to say about the matter.

Chris Larangeira filed for divorce from Angelina

Angelina’s post and Chris leaving Instagram comes about amid their divorce. Chris filed in January 2022, almost one year after Angelina filed but never served Chris the papers.