Jim Jones and Chrissy Cut Ties with Mama Jones

Jim Jones and Chrissy Cut Ties with Mama Jones

We would have never thought that we’d see the day that Jim Jones would be so upset with his mommy that he would decide to leave and side with Chrissy Lampkin.

The finale of Marriage Bootcamp came to an explosive end for everyone, but the Jones drama hit a new level of low thanks to Mama Jones. Read on…

Jim Jones and Chrissy Cut Ties with Mama JonesOn the finale of Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars, Family Edition Mama Jones could help to start some last minute mess that would leave her alone in the end.

Mama Jones decided to tell Renee Graziano that Chrissy Lampkin had cheated on her son Jim Jones while she was in Miami.


What she didn’t know was that Jim and Chrissy had already talked about it and that was one of the things they were working on. It was also one of the things Chrissy Lampkin didn’t reveal during this season of Bootcamp.

It didn’t take long for Mama Jones tea spilling moment to Renee spill all over Chrissy lap since she had to tell her friend what Capo’s mom just revealed on the last day in the house.

This was huge because the doctors were a bit upset that they were unable to help them work through this. In the end, Chrissy Lamkin and Jim Jones ended up leaving since Mama Jones broke the circle of trust in the Jones family.

It was sad because she is just pushing her son away and doesn’t see what she is doing. There was NO NEED for her to bring that up at the last minute. Therefore, Mama Jones learned the hard way since Jim and Chrissy left three hours before it was all over.