Joe Budden Exposed: Not Even A One Minute Man

Joe Budden Not Even A One Minute Man

We have some very revealing tea spilling on Rapper and podcaster and Love & Hip Hop star Joe Budden who has once again been put on blast by a woman.

According to the woman who alleges to have had sexual realations with Cyn Santana’s so-called ex fiance, which Joe leaked was all made up for LHHNY, is being called a one minute man. Read on to see why Joe Budden Not even a one minute man… has the latest tea spilling on Joe Budden who had an romantic encounter with a woman after a performance in Washington, DC.

According to the woman, Joe Budden didn’t even last a minute before busting his load.

But what is worse is that the woman took to social media to described in graphic detail her alleged encounter with Joe on social media – using the hashtag #DickYelp.

The woman writes for all to see:

I sashayed up to him, extended by hand and said, “hi I’m Ashley.” He immediately looked intrigued and with one brow raised he gave me a raspy “well, hello there.” After some playful banter, he invited me back to the hotel room.

She continues:

To my surprise his pants we already at his ankles and his dick was out. Anyway, I proceeded with fellatio it had to have been 45 seconds before I began choking from cum exploding everywhere.

Ashley adds:

I was upset and I said “you couldn’t last a minute?

Then she said:

He had the nerve to get loud and start a rant on how I should be lucky I got that and how soon when the robots take over ima be wishing they came that fast after getting lockjaw?

Huh, WTF?

What’s crazy is that Joe recently talked about #DickYelp phenomenon on his podcast.

Read the full description below, but let’s be clear, it is not clear when the alleged encounter occurred.

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