Teairra Mari Arrested for DWI in New York

Teairra Mari Arrested for DWI in New York

It appears that Teairra Mari still has a drinking problem and no support group around her to keep her to straighten up.

According to new reports, Teairra Mari was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly driving while intoxicated in New York. Read on…

Teairra Mari Arrested for DWI in New York

CelebNReality247.com has learned that Teairra Mari pulled over by law enforcement after the red Dodge Charger was seen coming out of the city’s Midtown Tunnel in Queens.

Oh, wait, the reason why Teairra Mari was pulled over was that the car she was driving right wheel was missing and the bumper making contact with the ground, causing sparks to shoot up from the front.

Officers caught up to Mari when she finally stopped the car on Borden Avenue near 5th Street in Long Island City at 3am Saturday morning.

After she was pulled over, police gave Mari sobriety tests after coming to a full stop, but the outlet alleges that she had trouble maintaining her balance upon exiting the vehicle.

There is no word if Teairra Mari underwent a Breathalyzer test, nor if she has yet to be released from custody.

It is just another problem in her life following the many incidents that the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star has endured over the years. As for the 50 Cent issue, she is still in trouble with him as she still owes the hip hop mogul.

Fiddy has been patiently waiting to see if she will cough up the thirty thousand owed, but should only be a moment before he starts trolling her again to debt collection.

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