Joe Budden Furious with Safaree “I’ll Put Your Face in The Sand”

Joe Budden Furious with Safaree "I'll Put Your Face in The Sand"

One thing we have all learned by now is that Safaree is a very disrespectful man who does what he wants to do no matter what lines are crossed.

This season of Love & Hip Hop has truly shown fans another side to Safaree Samuels and it’s his selfish side. It’s really ugly, and now he’s pissed off Joe Budden and there is no return. Continue on to see why Joe Budden Furious with Safaree… reports that Joe Budden is IRATE with Safaree when he decided to go against JuJu’s girl trip and invite Erica Mena to Costa Rica.

If you recall, we previously reported when Safaree Samuels was in Costa Rica with Erica Mena, but it wasn’t revealed that he was using JuJu’s trip that he wasn’t invited to, to invite his fiance. #SMH Remember we told you that Safaree and Erica relationship would not be televised.

On Monday’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: New York,” Joe Budden confronts Safaree Samuels after he literally told him that he was not flying Erica down. According to Joe, Safaree also told Maino that Erica was NOT coming down.

ALL LIES! Safaree had Erica fly down on the group vacation with his castmates and crossed the line with Joe and Cyn Santana.

See, Cyn Santana and Erica Mena have history and its NOT good. The two ladies were in a relationship, Erica turned Cyn out, then treated her like trash. Cyn and Erica had an ugly end a few seasons back and now Erica has found a way back around her? Aww, hell nah! Joe is NOT having that happen, Cyn is the mother of his child and Erica should NEVER be his close to his future wife.

Here is how Joe and Safaree’s confrontation went like this:

Joe Budden: Safaree, you don’t feel like you owe me nad my lady an apology?

Safaree Samuels: For what?…

Joe: So you don’t remember the phone call that you and I had last week about homegirl when I asked if you were flying her out here? Because that’s my girl’s old work – so that was a man call between you and I. That was a call for you to hit me and let me know what was happening so I could know how to move and dictate my household in the appropriate manner.

Maino: What we talkin’ about, though?

Safaree: Erica’s here.

Joe: I guess the minute question is, why don’t you feel like you owe us an apology?
Safaree: Well, when we had that convo, that wasn’t the scenario – bringing my girl here.

Joe gets heated with Safaree:

Joe lets Safaree know: You keep talking, my n*gga, and it’s gon’ go a different way!”

Budden continues to try getting through to him. Here is what he said next:

Joe: When the situation changed- you got my number! That was a simple f*cking text- if you care about the relationship. You not a stranger to me. We talk. I’ve been to your home. I don’t take these types of things lightly at all, my n*gga. I’mma keep it a bean with you. So, I’m trying to address it this way. Any other n*gga- I swear to God this would go different! This would go a different way! When you run around with homegirl, have a f*cking blast, my n*gga! But when it’s in that close proximity of my family, it’s a security breach. I don’t play family games!

Safaree: It’s my business, and nobody’s seeing her! Any of y’all seen her?

Joe: I’m not asking what the f*ck you think about it! I don’t give a f*ck about your views! Clearly your ideology is off! I’m not asking you something! I’m telling you! When you f*ck with my b*tch’s old b*tches, you gon’ respect my f*cking word, my n*gga!

Safaree: It’s nobody’s business!

Joe: Fam, if I’m putting d*ck in Nicki Minaj and I fly her out here, n*gga, that’s your business!

Safaree: It is what it is. ‘Cause now the way you comin’- clappin’ and all that cursin’ sh*t, my n*gga, I wouldn’t come at you like that.

Joe: You keep talking, my n*gga, and it’s gon’ go a different way!”

How Safaree even ended up in Costa Rico:

Let’s not forget the only reason Safaree was added to the trip is that Love & Hip Hop New York EP Yandy Smith invited him to a trip he was NOT welcome too.

Don’t you just love when “friends” take the liberty to invite someone you don’t want around you to join. #SMH  JuJu needs to re-evaluate Yandy’s friendship because that is NOT cool.

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