Joe Giudice Slams Melissa Gorga For Waiting 6 Months To Defend Gia Giudice

Joe Giudice Slams Melissa Gorga For Waiting 6 Months To Defend Gia Giudice!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey has kicked off with an EXPLOSIVE 11th season premiere spreading rumors and crossing lines when it comes to family. Now, across the sea over in Italy, Joe Giudice is sounding off about Melissa Gorga waiting 6 months to defend her niece. Continue on since Joe Giudice Slams Melissa Gorga…


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A post shared by Gia Giudice (@_giagiudice) reports that Joe points out that Gia’s aunt Melissa Gorga said it’s hard to be in the middle of this feud because she “loves Jackie.”

Gia has made it known about how she is angry with Jackie for RUINING her name for example. Now, Gia’s dad is sounding off.

But, in another interview, Melissa Gorga said:

It’s one thing when we’re talking about us, it’s another thing when we bring kids in. I never want to bring [up] a child — even if they’re 18, whatever, however old they are.

So, what did Melissa say during filming?  Did she have this same energy on Gia’s behalf?

Apparently not, according to Joe Giudice, who obviously didn’t take part in the filming due to his deportation and has zero firsthand knowledge.

He told Celebuzz:

If you’ve ever spent time around a gaslighter, you know what they’re capable of. Gaslighters engage in the manipulation technique of distorting known facts.

Fid Joe really define the term “gaslighting,” but OK. Let’s continue.

Anyways, Joe is upset with Melissa for previously siding with Jackie and then backtracking after the premiere aired.

Joe said:

I don’t need an aunt to defend my daughter six months later! She should have known that it was a good time to talk when it happened! My family would have been on that lie when the incident happened. That’s what is true family is.

Joe declared:

We don’t need auntie to step in six months later for a payday! She defended Jackie for using a crooked analogy.

I would love to see Joe Zoom into the Season 11 reunion to confront Melissa.