OG “Colorism” Storyline Has ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Refusing To Film

OG "Colorism" Storyline Has ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Refusing To Film

OG “Colorism” Storyline Has ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Refusing To Film!

Basketball Wives season 9 is starting to become passe since OG continues to use “colorism” as the main factor the other ladies don’t want to film with her. Continue on…

CelebnReeality247.com reports that OG’s revelation pretty much iced her out with everyone with the exception of Tami Roman, Jackie Christie, and of course Cece.

Last season, OG was over the top as OG got violent with Evelyn Lozada and many of the ladies on Basketball Wives.

In an attempt to flip her wrongful manner on the cast of Basketball Wives OG stated during the reunion that she felt that there was a lot of hate against her because she was a dark-skinned black woman.

That was not the case and the ladies of Basketball Wives were all baffled.

Now, this season, OG still hasn’t let her “Colorism” storyline go. Oh, no, she continues to state that the ladies of Basketball Wives hate her because she is black.

Yes, she is using the prejudice within the black community as her vice and her fans are standing behind her. OG has gone as far as to call Jennifer Williams a fraud for faking her lifestyle and more. Yes, OG continues to bully her fellow castmates and no one wants anything to do with her.

According to sources, back in November, the show started filming in Los Angeles. The cast members that returned include Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, Jackie Christie, Kristen Scott, Malaysia Pargo, and Jennifer Williams.

The producers also decided to bring back OG despite the dysfunctional dynamics between OG and other veteran cast members after a very disastrous season 8. Producers reportedly brought OG back for another season, hoping the ladies could reconcile. She is also currently being sued by Evelyn for defamation.

A source says certain cast members were “concerned about filming with OG and being around her due to the volatile nature of cast dynamics. Out of fear of any action of dissent or dislike being pegged as acts of colorism or racism, some felt it in their best interest to avoid her altogether.”

Sources say after filming started certain cast members became “uncomfortable” with filming with OG after she kept changing her story on “colorism.”

Moreover, sources say many felt OG “further exposed her hypocrisy” during a conversation with Kristen. We’re told Kristen sat down with OG in an attempt to listen to her experiences and try to find common ground.

Basically, nothing has worked and OG is still just as angry and violent as before.