Johnathan Turns Up The Messiness With Joe and Tahiry Jose

Johnathan Turned Up The Messiness With Joe and Tahiry

Johnathan Turns Up The Messiness With Joe and Tahiry Jose!

Once again the resident gay cast member Johnathan aka the plus one tries to come for Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose about trying to get with her ex Joe.

If you remember, Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden have history together, but it’s no one’s business but their own. They are just in a good place these days, but Johnathan Fernandez decided to stick his nose and mouth in other people’s business when it is NOT his place to speak on any of it. Read on… reports that Joe Budden shut Johnathan down when he tried to stir the pot with Tahiry Jose and Joe before entering the wedding.

Johnathan Fernandez obviously needs a storyline and right now, his story is Yandy Smith’s plus one and the meddler of other people’s business.

Check out how Johnathan stirring the pot having Cyn Santana meet with Erica Mena. (Above).

What you didn’t see is Cyn setting Johnathan straight about her relationship with Joe. Johnathan may seem to be acting like a friend because he thinks he’s doing the right thing, but none of it was his place to speak on it.

Then tonight, Johnathan couldn’t help but turn up his gayness being messier than ever and Joe Budden was NOT having any of it!

Check it how Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose checks Johnathan:

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