Black Ink’s Teddy Ruks Wife Caught ‘Thirst Trapping’ On IG

Black Ink's Teddy Ruks Wife Caught 'Thirst Trapping' On IG

Black Ink’s Teddy Ruks Wife Caught ‘Thirst Trapping’ On IG!

Well, Teddy Ruks new wifey doesn’t seem to be disappointing the stans since she was caught on Instagram looking thirsty AF. Read on sine fans are saying Teddy Ruks wife is “Thirst Trapping” on IG…


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Tell my husband to come home ?

A post shared by E?N I – ? (@eunipop) on has the latest on Black Ink Crew New York’s Teddy Ruks new wifey that he secretly married during the offseason of the series.

If you recall, Teddy Ruks couldn’t help but show off his new wife Euni after a season of scandal and fights with his ex Tatti who moved on with Jemz.

Thanks to Teddy posting an emoji, Black Ink Crew New York fans speculated that the two are married and working on starting a family.

Black Ink's Teddy Wife Caught 'Thirst Trapping' On IG

Teddy apparently slipped up a few months back and posted this pic where he suggested that an Asian Insta-model named Euni was his wife.

Black Ink's Teddy Wife Caught 'Thirst Trapping' On IG

Then, another photo followed where Teddy was spotted wearing a wedding ring at times. And so has Euni (including on her IG page).

Well, there’s more to the story because some Black Ink fans have found Euni’s IG page, and they noticed that Euni posts very salacious images of herself online.

Some are even calling the images – “Thirst trap” pictures – Check’em:

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