Kat Tat FURIOUS With ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Producers

Kat Tat FURIOUS With ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Producers

Kat Tat FURIOUS With ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Producers!

We previously reported that a couple of years back “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Kat Tat left the show after she had a nasty blowup with Ryan Henry. At that time, Kat said that she and Ryan had been hooking up while he was still with the mother of his son. Well, things got really messy and the following season Kat was gone from the series. Read on since she is BLASTING ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ producers…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest drama coming from Black Ink Chicago since Kat from 9Mag showed up to Glenda’s funeral to support Charmaine.

In October, Charmaine’s mom Glenda passed aways during a dialysis treatment. According to Charmaine Walker, her mom Glenda had a heart attack and died at the hospital.

In the latest episode, Kat Tat made a small appearance, but it was hella awkward when Ryan Henry walked up.  However, she recently called out the producers on social media.

She said they had been sleeping together and a lot of drama went down between Ryan and Kat but at the repass the two had a cordial tolerance. Ryan said that he’s in a much better place with Kat these days. And there is no bad blood between them.

Many “Black Ink Crew Chicago” fans were happy to see Kat make a brief appearance on the show. She showed up at Glenda’s funeral.

Kat was FURIOUS that cameras were on her for Storyline. The bad blood between Kat Tat and the producers is still these.

After the show’s official Twitter page promoted her brief appearance, she clapped back. And she said that she didn’t sign a release form to be filmed.

She did a tweet/delete that reads:

In this clip, I was actually texting my attorneys letting them know I was being filmed WITHOUT signing a release form. I’ve been off this show for years. Stop incorporating me into a drawn-out storyline…

Kat BLASTS ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Producers

At this point, she’s annoyed that she’s still being linked to something that took place on the show years ago.

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