K Michelle: “I Don’t Think Men Are Good People”

K Michelle: "I Don't Think Men Are Good People"

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, R&B singer soon to be country singer K Michelle has a lot to say about men.

When it comes to K Michelle she feels that “men need to be raised.” Read on to get more…

CelebNReality247.com has the latest from K Michelle who truly believes that no woman can raise a man because women these days are really mad.

K Michelle explains that men are awful, especially the ones she delt within Atlanta.

She said Frank Ski and Jade of the Morning Culture on V-103, that you can’t sleep around anymore these days because that’s your life.

Frank chimed in and said the old saying in Atlanta is, “It’s the city where everybody sleeps with somebody that you know already.”

Kimberly quickly agreed with him while Jade Novah asked: “was that on a bumper sticker or sumthin?”

He touches on K being a woman who has really struggled who can sing and go to law school. He touches on the battles that she continues to face in her career.

She responds saying:

It’s something I battle with for who I am. I was already someone who was curvy, right? And I wanted more…I thought it would make me feel better. I gained weight and that didn’t make me feel better. I am hood and I’m from Memphis but who am I? That’s just me, but I know how to speak…I know how to go into rooms and handle business.

Frank tells her she is NOT hood, she is a product of the hood.

K goes on to explain that if you put her n a platform, then she feels that she needs to fight.

She adds:

They “pay me to be on a platform to talk about people I don’t even care about. I don’t talk to none of them outside of that TV show [Love and Hip Hop Hollywood].”

She says:

We don’t talk about any of them. We don’t talk about Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

What does K Michelle talk about?

She is working on her brand, She is trying to run a resturaunt and open another one. She is the first Afican American woman as the face of Jack Daniels, but she is tire of sites always trying to talk about the negative.

K Michelle is a lot more that just a cast member on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

At the end of the day, Kimberly’s trauma has always been men.

She truly believes:

I Don’t Think Men Are Good People.

K is NOT the woman that will tolerate being cheated on, and/or being a woman who is a ride or die about an unfaithful man.

The reason why she feels this way is that men these days are NOT acting like men. These men these days they don’t know how to do better. Instead they are NOT protecting women, uplift women, and have the basics of chivalry.

She blames men for women’s self-esteem issues.

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