K Michelle READS LHH Hollywood For Fake Storylines

K Michelle READS LHH Hollywood For Fake Story Lines

Now, that K Michelle is all healed up from undergoing surgery last month, she is back on social media giving her opinion on certain individuals.

The R&B singer just unloaded some tea on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and you’re NOT going to believe what she is saying. Read on…

K Michelle READS LHH Hollywood For Fake Story Lines  Celebes we have the latest from the KIMBERLY: The People I Used to Know singer whose life has been an open book since she first appeared on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

K Michelle has NEVER held back on her truth on abuse, dealings with Memphitz and how the record industry turned their backs on her.

With that said, Kimberly hasn’t had a reason to FAKE a storyline, because her life has some much crazy, it was meant for reality TV.

She has come a long way since then and apparently on looking back on things she is ready to stir some ish up on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, especially for all the phonies with their FAKE storylines.

She was on Twitter throwing shade at an unknown individual, but our hunch is Teairra Mari since her sex tape and married boyfriend just got aired on social media.

K Michelle AIRS LHH Hollywood:

I guess bringing the Real to LA LA is about to be pretty interesting.

She goes on to tweet:

I honestly never had to fake a storyline, especially to the extremes. My life has always been crazy enough. My prophecy for attention and then boom all of a sudden she will claim a miscarriage so her lies can be overlooked and she’ll play victim by claiming the stress did it. Remember this day people.

Finally, she ends the rant by tweeting:

These storylines are getting out of hand. Next, they’ll be claiming Jesus came and sat at the foot of the bed!

The only good thing is K being added to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood because those kids have a lot to learn. The one they LHHH proves is it’s a city of plastic people and “Hollywood friendships.”