Kathie Weighs In on Dutchess OSh*T Hook Up

When it comes to Richard’s baby mama, Kathie, O claims that she is just a bitter ex who still wants him, but now Kathie is weighing in on if Dutchess did or did not smash O’Sh-t!?!

Find out what Kathie is claiming on the flip…


If you ask Kathie, she is putting her stamp on it that Dutchess and he babdy daddy did indeed do the nasty, but Dutchess is denying all of it!

After the incident Miami between Donna and Dutch, no one is buying into her lies, and Kathie is weighing in. She took to Twitter when a fan of Black Ink Crew asked:

“@_KatHieIAM do you believe ? and Dutchess hooked up in the past?”

Kathie responded to the question saying:

“Lol absolutely, I’m 99.9% sure it was when we were living together too.”

Kathie Weighs

Now we know Kathie doesn’t want to be referred to as the crazy baby mama, but embrace who you are dear and keep it moving! This season Dutchess has been in the hot seat with her fiancée Ceasar, but now after a heart-felt apology from her, Cease took her back and the wedding is back on.

Dutchess has dug a whole for herself and if she would just say yeah it happened in Miami, but i hated it, the drama would be forgotten. Her denial keeps it alive and helps to make Black Ink Crew interesting this season, because if it’s Not Donna’s new booty and boob job, Donna mouthing off, of Kathie trying to take O’Shit to court then it’s a sleeper, and not in a good way.

Anyways, after accepting mouth services from Donna to just outright taking off her ring in M-I-Yayo, Dutchess isn’t looking too innocent right now. If she could hook up with Donna, the rumors circulating her and O’S**t of being a “thing” in the past started to seem more and more true.

Watch the debate between Donna and Dutchess below and you decide, did Dutch and O get down and dirty?

Who do you believe?