Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan CHECKED into Rehab

Kenya Moore's Ex-Matt Jordan CHECKED into Rehab

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan is finally getting the help he so much needs.

We previously reported that Matt Jordan was recently arrested for assault on a woman in Arizona, and now we are hearing he is checking into a rehab. Get the tea spilling on the flip about Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan in Rehab…

Kenya Moore's Ex-Matt Jordan CHECKED into Rehab has learned that Matt “was released on July 30, 2019, to Horizon Health and Wellness,” reveals a spokesperson for the Pinal County Jail in Arizona

It appears that Matt Jordan, the volatile ex-boyfriend of Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore, had no choice after being arrested.

Here is what we’ve learned about The Real Housewives ex boyfriend:

Jordan was arrested for aggravated assault, theft, and threatening and intimidating his girlfriend.

And now the hot tempered muscled hunk is hopefully getting some anger management as well as some care at the  “Horizon Health and Wellness” loacted in Apache Junction, AZ.

If you recall, Matt’s arrest stems from an incident where Jordan allegedly “punched with a closed fist, one time to the facial area” of his girlfriend while at a Denny’s restaurant.

During his time on the show, Jordan was accused of being highly volatile and violent towards Kenya. He did not hit her physically, but he was captured on surveillance camera destroying her Atlanta home. Jordan also worked hard to turn Kenya’s fellow castmates against her and managed to succeed with the men.

Moore broke up with him in time, she really missed a bullet with him. And she is better off now that she is a mom and married to Marc Daily.

Kenya Moore's Ex-Matt Jordan CHECKED into Rehab

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