Kim Zolciak

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak LASHES OUT At Her HATERS!!! has the tea on Kim who was spotted venting against people who have called her out on social media. Get the details on the flip…

 Kim Zolciak

Did you hear, Kim Zolciak LASHED OUT At Her HATERS?

After Kim got BASHED by her followers on Instagram she FLEW OFF the HANDLE and CLAPPED BACK at her haters!

Kim Zolciak went from 0 to 100 in a NSFW Rant, writing:

“Let me share something with you… You see who’s holding me, you see where I am, my kids are here… You know why I have the life I have… Because of how I lived it, how I treat people, what I give back, and how I think,” she wrote. “I’m so f**kin over all you bullying trolls! You sit behind a computer screen with your fake profile pictures, your “I love Jesus” in your bio and your private none the less.”

She adds:

“Do me a favor hit UNF**KINFOLLOW.. Get off my page!!! I don’t want your negative energy on my page, I don’t want to share any part of my incredible life (REMEMBER we all have the same 24hrs) with you.”

“You are jealous and it’s a disease, GET THE F**K UP.. And FIX YOUR LIFE! #KarmaBaby #ItWillAlwaysFindYou #YouCantThinkNegativeAndHaveAPositiveLife!”

Kim Zolcia

Kim Zolciak lashed out at the HATERS and then deletes her pouty video after Instagram trolls said that she looked like and ugly duck in her beach vacation video.

Honestly it wasn’t her best angle, so it was smart to delete. The remarks from followers were not right, but NONE of those people are Kim’s friends.


Why do celebrities feel that the followers are friends, when they are just waiting to see a celeb screw up sothey can lash out. Their NOT jealous Kim, they just don’t like you and wait to bash you when you screw up! It’s called social media, its NOT your friend.

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