Did Kim Zolciak Just Say Racism “Wasn’t Real”?

Did Kim Zolciak Just Say Racism “Wasn’t Real”?

Has Kim Zolciak-Biermann been under a rock for all her life or does she live in a plastic bubble? Maybe her wig is too tight, or she needs to put down the cup of white wine she has glued to her hand.

Sorry Kim, but Kandi Burruss is right Kim Zolciak-Biermann seems to have a drinking problem, because what she said on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Pt 3 is absurd! Read on for the tea spilling…

Did Kim Zolciak Just Say Racism “Wasn’t Real”?CelebNReality247.com agrees with NeNe Leakes when she looked right at Kim Zolciak-Biermann asking her “don’t you remember saying that on camera? You made yourself look like boo boo the clown this season.”

If you saw the The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Pt 3 on Sunday night then you saw when Kim Zolciak-Biermann denied everything she said, refused to look at anyone and was overtly confrontational again. Does she NOT realize that she was the problem all season?

Sorry to burst Kim Zolciak’s plastic bubble, but maybe some of the restilyne leaked into her brain because she was clearly not thinking right on national TV. It was Boo Boo the Clown part Duex last night.

All the ladies were in attack mode and clearly over Kim because she was still acting like an entitled clueless woman who just doesn’t get it. By the end of the reunion, Kim demanded to leave because she couldn’t handle the truth being thrown her way, so she left.

After Andy Cohen gave his Peaches their roses, he called “it’s a wrap” and the ladies disbursed. That is when production called him to meet with Kim in the bathroom for a private meeting.

Andy was confronted by the clueless Kim NOT understanding why everyone was angry with her. She complained about the way she was treated by him and the cast (NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams and Shereé Whitfield).

Kim went off on Andy saying:

That b—h knows I’m not racist. NeNe knows I’m not racist. You know why you have not found another white woman to [join the cast]? Because nobody is dumb enough to do that! Put yourself in my shoes — five African-American women — just hammered! I couldn’t even speak, my mind’s a f–k whirlwind!

She also denied that she was racist and demanded an apology, then Kim inserted her foot in her mouth with one of the dumbest things ever said. We’re talking worse than Porsha Williams thinking the underground railroad was an actual train.

Kim alluded that the “whole racism” thing was magnified by social media.

Kim literally said:

This whole racism thing in this day in age is b——. Everyone of those motherf—ers on that couch owe this world a f**king apology for this racism sh-t.

She tearfully added:

They already tried to claim that sh-t long ago. Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn’t there and racism wasn’t f—ing all that real. You know it.

Andy had to break it down to Kim because she was completely oblivious on how she acted all season. Still in denial mode, Cohen basically told her:

There was nothing positive, unfortunately, in your story from the season. It was all combative, it was. Because your whole time on the show as combative, it was..

After Andy left, Sheree “the bone collector” told her that it was just NeNe Leakes and her minions bullying her. Girl, really? #SMH


Kim just ruined her own credibility with what she said. This woman is worse than Kellyanne Conway!