Kirk Frost’s Baby Mama Throws Wrench in His Marriage

Kirk Frost's Baby Mama Throws Wrench in His Marriage

Love Hip Hop Atlanta ended up with trouble in paradise when Kirk Frost’s baby mama throws a wrench in his marriage with Rasheeda.

Rasheeda is quickly reminded that she still has trust issues with her cheating husband, Kirk Frost who is legitamently trying to keep a line of communication with Jasmine Washington for his son’s sake. Read on for the tea spill… 247 reports that Rasheeda learns that Kirk Frost has been receiving texts from his ex-mistress and baby mama about his son while he was in Trinidad.

While Shekinah and Karlie do their imitation of Jack and Rose in “Titanic” on the Swamp tour, Rasheeda asked her husband Kirk Frost to use his phone when her’s died during the swap boat trip and that is when it all went left.

Watch as Rasheeda expresses her concerns about Kirk’s interactions with Jasmine on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8:

Rasheeda quickly reverts back to that cautious woman rebuilding her walls around herself because she refuses to go through more drama with Kirk.

Kirk assures her that it is only for his son’s sake. He explains that he was teamed up on and bamboozled by Jasmine’s mom and grandmother who demanded Kirk to give jasmine his number. He knew this would cause strain on Rasheeda, but didn’t know how to approach the issue.

It an up note watch what you didn’t see on Season 8 episode 11:

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