Lauren Sorrentino Explains Why She Snapped at Deena Cortese

Lauren Sorrentino Explains Why She Snapped at Deena Cortese

Jersey Shore wife Lauren Sorrentino Explains Why She Snapped at Deena Cortese!

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s wifey Lauren Sorrentino was not having a good time at dinner so she snapped and pissed off Deena Cortese who never realized how much she complained… reports that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wife Lauren is sharing details about what was behind her behavior on the latest episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

The last few minutes of Thursday’s episode of the MTV reality series Jersey Shore Family Vacation featured the couple at a group dinner with Deena Nicole Cortese and her husband Chris Buckner, Vinny Guadagnino, as well as Angelina Pivarnick and her now-estranged husband Chris Larangeira.

The dinner took place at the end of the group’s first day of their cast getaway in the Florida Keys, but it was clear that Lauren was not having a good time. Lauren didn’t care that Mike was still eating, nope, she complained about the food, and even appeared to tell the waiter that it tasted “like s—.”

Vinny then made a funny jab at Mike, which seemed to take Lauren to her breaking point as she then snapped at Vinny.

Lauren said:

We have a f—ing 5-month-old to deal with, OK? Twenty-four hours a day human, so we have to go to bed.

She then addressed Deena, saying:

You also have a baby to go to.

It bothered Deena, and she made it known.

Deena hit back saying:

I’m not pushing it because I brought people to take care of him. That’s why. OK? So like, please. The way you said it I didn’t like it.

Now, Lauren has taken to social media to explain:

Clearly this weeks episode was not my finest hour, but shocking to some I am a flawed human that was struggling at 5 months postpartum, along with severe ptsd from Romeo’s very scary and serious NICU stay. That was my first 24 hours away from him, hoping he was ok in a hotel room w family (of course he was but I was stressed). I was anxious and out of my comfort zone. I made some mistakes and lost my cool at dinner. That being said, I should have excused myself and met my husband in bed later – instead I tried to power through to finish the dinner. I added in some strong af spicy ? margs ? (bad idea) to the mix & next thing you know things went sideways ??? I did not disrespect any waitstaff, in fact the dialogue I had spoken about the food was to my husband (and the honest truth?????) The edit may have looked like I was speaking to the wait staff but in fact that’s a little editing magic for sensationalism. The outbursts were directed at producers – for not acknowledging my voiced concerns and needs for hours – and not to the cast, but I can understand that’s hard to see as a viewer – I did apologize to D & Vinny who I both love and respect. I’m all about taking accountability so this is me doing so; lesson learned. He without sin cast the first stone…

Before the outburst, Lauren and Mike celebrated their anniversary: