LHHATL’s Spice Bleaching Skin Storyline Raises Psych-Questions

LHHATL's Spice Bleaching Skin Storyline Raises Psych-Questions

What people will do for a storyline on reality TV is becoming a bit extreme. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice will bleach her skin during the upcoming season of the VH1 hit show.

In case you were unaware, back in November Spice used coconut milk and lots of makeup to look like she bleached her skin. Read on to get the tea…

CelebNReality247.com reports while many sites are claiming that Spice, born Grace Hamilton, the Queen of Dancehall has been making some pretty controversial posts on social media.

The storyline for Spice this season is that she needs a new look if she’s going to break into the American market. So Spice decides that her new look should be a “lite skinned” one.

Spice decides to “bleach” her skin.

Here’s a clip from Spice’s original medical consultation. A cosmetic doctor in Atlanta refuses to bleach her skin:

Spice quickly finds out that if she has her skinned bleached she would NEED a psych-evaluation.

Of course, she gets upset and wants to leave because she’s offended.

Let’s be real, bleaching your skin to make it as an artist is tragic. If you are great at what you do, no one will care about your skin complexion. Whoever is telling her this load of BS, NEEDS the psych-evaluation.

Don’t be like Jennifer Grey (Faris Bueller’s Day Off) who got a nose job because everyone said she needed that to be accepted. Once she did, the movie roles ended and she was struggling for work because it changed her appearance and no one knew who she was.

Watch as Spice is being OFFENSIVE by trying to prove her point on colorism like this? Do you feel she is right or wrong?

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