LHHATL’s Yung Joc CALLED OUT For Instigating

LHHATL's Yung Joc CALLED OUT For Instigating

LHHATL’s Yung Joc CALLED OUT For Instigating!

Atlanta Love and Hip Hop star is the latest person to throw some shade towards Fizz. Like many fans, Yung Joc felt Fizz and Apryl Jones were wrong due to their pasts with Omarion. Read on…

CelebnReality247.com is hearing that “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Yung Joc decided to take some shots at Fizz and Apryl, who are no longer together.

As we all know, Yung Joc is no stranger to drama. Especially since he has had quite a bit of messy moments on his series, but nothing as low as Fizz.

These days, Joc has cleaned up his messy ways and no longer puts himself in situations like he did with Karlie Redd. These days, Joc has straightened up and found love with his fiancée Kendra Robinson.

Kendra is an attorney who runs her own businesses, so he’s trying to do whatever it takes not to mess things up. Joc may have straightened up his dating life since he’s engaged, but he still has a tendency to stir the pot.

Joc Is Known to Instigate:

He was previously called out for trying to force LightSkinKeisha to face off with Akbar V. – since both women had been calling themselves the Queen of Atlanta.

If you recall, Akbar said she claimed the title first, so she was willing to throw hands to make sure LightSkinKeisha would back away from the throne.

Of course, LightSkinKeisha called Joc out for what she feels was instigating behavior.

Yung Joc Instigating Again:

Now Joc is getting called out again for being messy on social media. Yung Joc posted a controversial photo and caption on Instagram.

In the photo, the top row is side by side photos that include Fizz. On the photo on the left side, Fizz is cuddling up next to Apryl Jones. In the photo to the right, Fizz is posing next to fellow B2K member Omarion. The bottom row’s left photo features Ari and Moneybagg Yo. The photo to the right is Moneybagg Yo and G Herbo.

Shortly after posting the meme, Joc was called out by G Herbo’s girl Ariana Fletcher aka Ari, so he deleted the post which we have above.

In the caption, Joc wrote:

Just remember ppl want what you have…..even ya own ppl!

Watch the video that he posted saying he didn’t make the meme, he just reposted it:

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