Ryan Henry CAUGHT SLEEPING With Best Friends Baby Mama

Ryan Henry CAUGHT SLEEPING With Best Friends Baby Mama!

Ryan Henry CAUGHT SLEEPING With Best Friends Baby Mama!

You don’t gots to LIE Craig [Ryan] – you made sure to let everyone know what you been doing being your boi’s back and it’s soooo messy.

With friends like this, who needs enemies, right? Ryan Henry is unfortunately proving to have no respect of his friendships or loyalty. Instead he is doing some dirty dawg ish. Read on for the tea spill on Ryan Henry SLEEPING with his best friends Baby Mama…

CelebnReality247.com is hearing that Black Ink Chicago‘s Ryan Henry just broke the friend and man code with his boi Anthony Lindsey who is a cancer survivor.

So here is the tea, according to Anthony Lindsey his best friend and 9Mag owner on Black Ink Crew Chicago, Ryan Henry has been OUT IN THESE STREETS smashing Anthony’s baby mama and ex.

Apparently, Ryan took to social media to air his dirty laundry and Anthony saw all of it. It is cowardly NOT to have a one on one, but when you caught up trying to maintain that reality fame. This makes for a good story line for Black Ink Chicago.

Anyways, Anthony Lindsey, Ryan’s best friend of 12 years, took to social media to accuse his ex bestie of a betrayal he’s still wrapping his mind around. In an Instagram post he shows an alleged text conversation between Ryan and the mother of his child, Nina.

In the alleged texts, Ryan says he misses Nina and they allude to doing SOMETHING. (above)

In August, Anthony announced that he and his ex and mother of his son didn’t work out.

What Anthony didn’t know:

While he was recovering from cancer, Ryan was smashing her on the low. On top of that, Ryan is the reason for his failed relationship.

What makes this so ugly is that Ryan has been right by his side the whole time partying and acting like they boys. The betrayal is EPIC and Black Ink Chicago fans are disgusted with Henry.

Take a look at these posts, The whole time he was sleeping with the mother of Anthony’s son, and Lindsey was clueless up until this weekend.


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Big yachts ? 100 feet. Views with the fam

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Yesterday was a good day with the guys.

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