Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 6 Ep 18: Lyrica Anderson SPLITS From A1 Bentley

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 6 Ep 18: Lyrica Anderson SPLITS From A1 Bentley

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 6 Ep 18: What We Learned About!

There was a lot wrapping up on the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 6 when it comes to Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley. Read on as Lyrica Anderson A1 Bentley SPLITS… reports that Lyrica Anderson did some deep soul searching when it comes to her relationship with A1 Bentley.

After speaking with K Michelle about the situation with A1 Bentley, Lyrica Anderson has learned that she NEEDS to find herself again. So it appears that it is in her best interest that she moves out on her own.

A1 once again gets a bit defensive and shows that nothing is going to change between them, which made Lyrica’s decision easy.

Lyrica tries to have a civil conversation with A1 but emotions were running high and he wasn’t listening, so Lyrica lets him know that she is filing for a divorce.

In a shocking twist, during K Michelle’s going away party, she announces that she has moved out. Lyrica feels that A1 doesn’t get it and what he has done in their relationship has RUINED her trust.

She lets them know that A1 has NOT shown any remorse. Then A1’s mom shows up to have a one on one with her daughter-in-law.

Pam seeks out Lyrica Anderson at Kimberly’s party to voice concern about Ocean’s well-being, Lyrica Garrett steps in. A1’s mom Pam reveals that she has always like Lyrica and just wants to help keep pettiness out of the situation.

Here is what went down between Brittney B and Lyrica Anderson – Blac Chyna tried to patch this up but it was a disaster. Then the cast weighs in on Lyrica’s plans for the future.

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