LHHNY: Peter Gunz Regrets What He Did To Tara Wallace

LHHNY: Peter Gunz Regrets What He Did To Tara Wallace

LHHNY: Peter Gunz Will Always Regret What He Did To Tara Wallace!

For the fame, for the money, Peter Gunz opens up admitting that he will always REGRET what he did to Tara Wallace on Love & Hip Hop. Read on to get all the details on Peter Gunz regrets on what he did to Tara Wallace…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Peter Gunz has made a shocking admission on how controversial the love triangle was between Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly played out.

Most of us all remember Peter Gunz had a longterm relationship with Tara Wallace and they also have kids together. He threw all of that away when Tara had to learn he had married Amina on national TV.

Peter Gunz gets emotional looking back at the wrongs he has done. Gunz tears about putting Tara though this at the season 4 reunion.

The 50-year-old hip hop veteran may no longer be on “Love And Hip Hop New York,” but his love triangle with Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace was full of drama. Peter regrets all of it. He even acknowledges that he put both women through a lot. But he believes Tara was mistreated the most.

Peter makes an appearance on VH1’s new show, “VH1 Unveiled.”

In a preview, Peter addresses the love triangle. And he believes Tara suffered the most.

Gunz says:

I don’t want people to say, ‘Oh he always worried about Tara. He doesn’t care what he did to Amina.’ There’s a million things I could point out with Amina that I feel bad about too. But I think Tara got the worst of it because I brought her on national TV and let a woman tell her that we’re married. And that’s something that I will always regret for the rest of my life.

“VH1 Unveiled” premieres December 3 at 12 pm on the network’s official YouTube channel.

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