Little Women ATL’s Tammie Goes HAM on Juicy

Little Women ATL's Tammie Goes HAM on Juicy

Talk about Dish! Little Women ATL’s Tammie Goes HAM on Juicy while cameras were rolling, of course!!!

Flip and see the drama when Juicy Gets Dished…

Little Women has the latest on Little Women ATL. It appears Juicy caught a plate of chicken wings to the face during a fight with 2 of her castmates.

Here is the dish…literally!

It all went down at a restaurant in May, and as luck would have it … show cameras were rolling. Minnie and her mother, Tammie, were pissed Juicy didn’t believe Minnie was pregnant and had miscarried.

It got so heated … Tammie, who is NOT a little person, decided to go HAM with the chicken. The clip, which airs in Wednesday’s episode, is an instant classic.

Juicy wasn’t amused, she got a temporary restraining order against Tammie after the incident, but a judge later dismissed the case. Still, Juicy refused to film with Minnie and her mom for a month afterward … and there’s still bad blood.

If you recall, for all who watch Little Women Atlanta – this is what happened before when Juicy and Minnie had a one on one. Things went from accusation to argument.


Well time has passed and things have NEVER smoothed out and not Minnie has got some back up from her mother Tammie. By the way Tammie is NOT a little woman! It’s an unfair fight. The drama has escalated to this!