Love & Listings Season 2: What We Learned From The Premiere

Love & Listings: What We Learned From Season 2 Premiere

Love & Listings Season 2: What We Learned From Season 2 Premiere!

A lot has happened since we last saw the crew from Love & Listings.

Taylor and Ajani are friends? Ex NFL player now Celebrity Real Estate heartthrob Zach Diles is catching feelings for his ex Samantha Barretto. Not to mention Suge Knight’s son Jacob is staying in a relationship since he knocked up his girlfriend of two months. He feels he needs to break the Knight family ways of multiple baby mama’s like his pops. Read on for more deets from Love & Listings Season 2… has the latest from Love & Listings season two after Zach goes golfing with Erik Miles and Samantha Barretto and we quickly learn the two exes are friends again, but those old feelings are starting to rise to the occasion, right Zach?

As for, Beverly Hills agent Andrew Clinkscale, he got married and is trying to start a family with his wife. He has moved on from Ajani, and Taylor quit working with him.

If you recall, Love & Listings Season season one was all about Ajani Scott the Hooter waitress with dreams of being a celebrity real estate agent. The only problem is she allegedly slept with Andrew, her mentor. He denied it last season and now the two stay clear of each other. His rep is not tarnished, but hers is a bit ruined at the moment.

Which leads us to Ajani. She is DONE with the Andrew drama and is trying to push forward while Taylor Schwartz continues to pull her backward with drama. See, Taylor believes that she needs to confront Andrew for making her look like a liar to all of the realators. See Taylor feels that she has stood by Ajani after all the drama last season and now she needs to get her respect back.

Meaning, expose Andrew for lying about smashing. Ajani admits it happened, and that she caught feelings, but Ajani also feels she needs to pick and choose her arguments and this one will make her look even more desperate and crazy. Taylor doesn’t get it.

Fast forward to now, Ajani is hella uncomfortable being around Andrew at Sam’s open house:

Moments later, Taylor confronts Ajani in the bathroom at Sam’s open house:

What should she do?

Before Zach headed over to Sam’s open house he got some advice from Vivica A Fox while showing her some properties. The two bonded in the car ride:

During Sams open house, Zach finally opens up and tells her he has feelings again, but she is now questioning why?

Last but not least Jacob is seen talking to Suge about his baby on the way:

What is interesting is it appears Taylor is on the money about Jacob. He doesn’t want to admit that he’s not ready to be a dad, but the 23-year-old is going to make it work.

Good luck Jacob. We hope they edit his story to make it a positive situation and not negative.

Here is what Jacob is saying:

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