Luis Ruelas Admits To Joe Gorga He Was Flawed Before Teresa Giudice

Luis Ruelas Admits He Was Flawed Before Meeting Teresa Giudice

Luis Ruelas Admits To Joe Gorga He Was Flawed Before Teresa Giudice!

On the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, Luis Ruelas wanted to have a sit down with Joe Gorga about his sister Teresa Giudice… reports that Joe Gorga said on Tuesday night’s Season 12 finale of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that there must be “some truth” to the allegations of abuse made against Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

“So what’s up with the past?” Gorga, 42, asked Ruelas, 46, directly during a cast gathering in Nashville.

Ruelas — who is now engaged to Gorga’s sister, Teresa Giudice — replied:

I got divorced when I was 35 and I was pretty confused. And then I went on to have a couple toxic relationships [with] desperate, thirsty, low-life exes.

Gorga pointed out that Ruelas may have very well been in toxic relationships, but he wanted some transparency about Ruelas past.

Joe Gorga said:

You could’ve been in a toxic relationship, but [the stories] are constantly coming…There’s obviously some truth to those stories. Some of them, right?

Ruelas then admitted that he hasn’t always been “this crown of a man” and “made [his] own mistakes” in previous relationships.

Luis admits:

I take ownership of that,” Ruelas said, though he insisted that he “wasn’t abusive.”

Ruelas did a pivot in the conversation telling Joe:

The amount of sleepless nights I’ve had, you know, trying to manifest the right woman in my life, I just want to ensure you that I will always be there for her, I won’t let her down…I will love her every second of the day because she deserves that.

Luis Asks for Joe Gorga’s Permission to Marry Teresa Giudice:

Gorga took this statement as Ruelas asking him for permission to marry his sister, a gesture he seemed to appreciate.

Listen, if you’re asking me for her hand, absolutely…Thank you.

In a confessional, Gorga explained why he gave Ruelas his blessing despite the negative press that follows the latter.

He told the camera:

Yes, Louie’s admitting that he wasn’t perfect. But what he is doing in the present, that’s what’’s important. And because my father’s not here, I appreciate Louie showing me the respect [to ask]…He understands what family’s all about, so I support their marriage.

After linking up with Teresa Giudice, Ruelas past has surfaced with multiple reports of him being “sex-obsessed,” was abusive in past relationships. It also sparked every conversation on RHONJ this season.

We expect the reunion to be a mess!