Margaret Josephs Accuses Teresa Giudice of Mistreating Her

Margaret Josephs Accuses Teresa Giudice of Mistreating Her

Margaret Josephs Accuses Teresa Giudice of Mistreating Her!

When it comes to Real Housewives of New Jersey both Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice are wrong for their actions. Both ladies continue to refuse to take accountability for their actions. They are both waiting for an apology from each other and it’s ridiculous… reports that Margaret Josephs told Teresa Giudice that she was done with letting her treating her like trash on Tuesday’s season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo.

During their last night in Nashville, which took place last summer, Teresa finally took a moment to speak with Margaret Josephs one on one during the last outing with the group.

First Luis Rueles asked for permission for Joe Gorga to marry his sister Teresa Giudice privately. Teresa walked over to Margaret and said she wanted to talk. The two sat down together.

Then, Teresa pulled Margaret for a one on one conversation.

Teresa, 49, who has been triggered several times by Josephs, said:

I don’t want to treat you like sh-t.

Margaret who is very hurt was totally in her emotions responded to Teresa stating:

But you do…You’ve done endless things. Call me trout mouth. You rip me to f***ing shreds. Then you’re mad at me I’m not going to wear your workout stuff. You say my ass is wiggling. Then last night you called me fat.

Josephs Brings Up Tree’s Fat Shaming Comments

Margaret, 55, said:

You said I never miss a meal…

Teresa replied:

I didn’t eat dinner the night before because why? Because of what happened.

Margaret Josephs Accuses Teresa Giudice of Mistreating Her


Things began to escalate between Teresa and Margaret:

A hurt Margaret said:

You called me white trash, a f***ing whore and then you spill an entire table on me. You treated me like dirt.

Teresa said:

Yeah, I was mad. I feel like you are always coming for me. I’m obviously not happy about you talking about Louie. If you did have a concern, you should’ve came to me from the beginning.

Margaret said that she did.

Unfortunately it’s f***ing out there,’ Margaret said. ‘Everyone’s seen it.

Margaret said that pretending it never happened is giving it life.

Teresa said:

You have to put yourself in my shoes. I see all the stuff on social media. It’s like one thing after another. It’s terrible. We’ve been dealing with this now for a year since I met him. It’s just sad. I’m going to start crying now, because I find someone I like and then this starts to happen.

Margaret told her she could understand that but that she was never transparent about it.

‘Because I’m on the defense,’ Teresa said.

‘She’s so afraid of losing this relationship that she’d rather lie to protect it,’ Margaret said in a confessional.

Teresa said she remember the Margaret that helped her when she lost her mother and not the one that talks behind her back.

Joe Gorga’s sister said:

Leave us alone.

Teresa told Margaret that her real friends like Dolores and Jennifer know what makes her angry. Margaret said they said that they lowered their friendship standards for her.

Margaret said:

They’re like “you got to treat Teresa differently” She had a horrible life. Louie’s her life line. I said I’m going to hold her accountable. I’m not putting up with this f—ing sh-t!

Margaret said:

All I ever did was be good to you…I stood up for you non-f–king stop.

This didn’t end well and the situation seems unresolved.

While Margaret was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Josephs told him that she and Teresa still are not speaking.