Lyrica Anderson: A1 is True Definition of a “KING”

Lyrica Anderson: A1 is True Definition of a “KING”

All season Lyrica Anderson and A1 have been on and off the rocks since RUMORS started swirling that Safaree SMASHED her cakes!

Then, Safaree fed the fire saying he did smash to Ray J, putting him in the middle of the mess.

To add more salt to A1’s open wound hater producer Roccstar claims that he too smashed Lyrica Anderson to Ray J, and he was at a loss of words.

No matter, despite all the made for TV RUMORS Lyrica Anderson is back with her husband A1 and working things out since word she was pregnant. Read on now for more tea…

Let’s recap this season: A1 and Lyrica invited Ray J and Princess, and Marcus and Brook to dinner to tell them they’re expecting their first baby after all the drama they’ve gone through.

The only problem is Ray J invited Safaree to squash the beef between he and A1. At the reveal, Safaree wanted to be left out of the mix, but A1 leaps over the table because he’s dancing around to give an answer.

Lyrica calls him a straight up liar. The night ends in disaster, and A1 is pissed at Ray J for inviting Safaree who didn’t come clean about anything. Ray tells Safaree that he hopes the baby is NOT his. Safaree is left with his mouth open.

Later, After finding out Roccstar claimed that he smashed Lyrica as well, text messages included. Ray J invites A1 for another reveal, this time Ray, Lucci, Marcus, and A1 sit down, but Mr. Bentley feels that Ray J is a fraudulent friend.  In minutes A1 is heated and things go left once again for Ray.


A1’s family is not receptive to Lyrica and the baby news:

Before the melee with Safaree, things went all wrong when Floyd Bentley aka A1 tried to have a special moment telling his family that he is back with Lyrica. He also wanted to tell his mom that she was going to have another grandchild. His brother pops off and says A1 should make sure that the baby is his. Plus his mother can’t understand how she is pregnant since they’ve been split for a few weeks. His mom questions if the rumors may be true and that the baby is Safaree’s and not her son A1’s.

Lyrica’s mom is completely distrot and breaks into tears.

If we rewind to the beginning of this RUMOR is got worse because Lyrica Anderson could just own what really happened. When someone gets mad like Lyrica did in the next scene it only shows a sign of guilt.


Now that we have recapped the rock road of Lyrica and A1, we would like to catch you up to now. Lyrica and A1 are back together working it out, but is it only because of the baby?

Despite the drama all season, has an update from Lyrica Anderson who states that A1 Bently “is the True definition of a “KING”!

Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley are sticking together – remember through thick and thin?

Obviously, they’ve decided to adhere their wedding vows and NOT divorce. She is focusing on her marriage with A1 and even posted a photo of A1 sleeping.

Here is what she said for A1’s birthday this summer:

This man is the True definition of a “KING”! Thank you for showing me what Love feels like! It’s easy to say I Love You! But to show it is one Thing! EVERYTIME I look up you’re trying to help someone and make them smile including me! You’re not just Hubby but my BESTFRIIIEEENNDDDD!!! Ppl would love to see us over by now but when GOD Said… WE ARE ON!!! Thank you for always making me smile with the very times you’ve made me cry the constant times you’ve put a smile on my face makes even the pain worth it! I love you SOOO much and I fall more in love with you every day!! Happy Birthday ???

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