Brook Valentine Can’t Stop Being Messy

Brook Valentine Can't Stop Being Messy

If there was an award for messiest reality TV star the award would go to Brook Valentine.

This season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5, Brook Valentine has become the Karlie Redd of the series securing herself a spot for seasons to come. Read on to see how she spills the tea… reports that Brook Valentine is not only messy, she is a bit on the crazy side when it comes to getting her man Marcus.

All season Brook Valentine manipulated Marcus Black into finally popping the question and putting a ring on it. During the off time of her quest to land Marcus, she has become the messy one of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Coming in second would be Paris for meddling, but Brook has been stirring the pot all season. If you’re Marcus, he admitted to loving her crazy, and that is good for him, but Brook is just a shady friend.

Have you ever had a friend who just loves to see when you down, or going through it?

If you haven’t let us introduce you to Brook Valentine, the former singer now reality TV’s messiest personality.

After talking mess about Lyrica and her bun in the over possibly being Safaree’s Brooke spills the tea about Teairra Mari and Akbar:

Princess questions Brook about Safaree’s Anaconda?

Brook happily dishes the dirt on Lyrica staying behind flirting with Safaree. She reveals that the text messages between Lyrica and Safaree were lit. Then, she tells Princess that A1 hasn’t given Lyrica any D in a long long while and that is why she was looking to flirt.

Watch how Brook says she’s not messy but…

Here is another time when Brook showed how messy she can be. If someone is your friend they shouldn’t be throwing their friend under the bus at each corner.


Do you think Brook has just become the messy one of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 5?

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