Lyrica Anderson “Act A Fool” Video Is Exploitation of A Woman

Lyrica Anderson Goes Full Frontal In "Act A Fool" Video

Lyrica Anderson “Act A Fool” Video Is Exploitation of A Woman!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson is doing the most in her new video, but to be honest it’s pointless and unneeded. Continue on to watch the video NSFW… has your first look at Lyrica Anderson’s new music video “Act A Fool” which dropped recently, but we are NOT feeling the video at all.

“Act A Fool” by Lyrica Anderson seems like a hodgepodge of other videos and smashed into this one. It’s almost desperate and sad that she took her clothes off for this video.

Whoever conceptualized this video needs to rethink the song and make it better.

Lyrica NEEDS a classy video of getting back at her boyfriend and acting a fool. Going into his workplace, flirting on the secretary, and then walking into his office nude with a bat is tacky.

No self-respecting woman would give a man that much power. This video is obviously thought up by a man who wanted to exploit a woman’s body.

And men wonder why so many women in the industry are clapping back with lawsuits. What is sadder is that Lyrica obviously agreed to do it thinking that this is a powerful movement for women.

It’s NOT! She should have kept her clothes on and then it would have been female power. This is just wrong and Lyrica should rethink dropping videos like this. She is too talented and has a beautiful voice so she doesn’t need to act like a stripper walking in naked hoping to make it rain.

With all this nudity the video should be way past 366,848 views. This is disappointing, oh wait, no it’s not because the video doesn’t go with the song at all.

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