Lyrica Anderson LIED About Safaree for FAKE Storyline

Lyrica Anderson LIED About Safaree for FAKE Storyline

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson is now coming forward since the reunion Pt 1 is over confessing that she participated in the Safaree affair rumor!

Lyrica Anderson has confessed that she LIED about SMASHING Safaree Samuels for TV. Read on…

Lyrica Anderson LIED About Safaree for FAKE has the latest from A1 Bentley’s wife Lyrica Anderson who went along with the fake storyline created by Love & Hip Hop producers for TV ratings.

They say that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is real, but then one of the cast members spills the tea that the whole was made up for TV.

All season rumors swirled that Safaree and fellow co-star Lyrica had an affair. The worse part is that only Lyrica Anderson and Safaree knew the truth leaving A1, and their mom’s and friends out of the loop. This way the affair rumor grew legs thanks to K Michelle, Ray J, and Brooke Valentine eating it up and spreading the rumor.

Then there was Roccstar who admitted that he LIED about smashing Lyrica who is married to Safaree’s friend A1 Bentley and carrying his baby.

What Roccstar did elude too is that he has smashed most of the female cast. He also said that he knew Lyrica in high school and back then they kicked it.

Bottom line, much of the drama this season came from that storyline.

Now, Lyrica has come clean confessing that the storyline was ALL A LIE. Lyrica told her fans that she worked with producers to create that FAKE storyline. Lyrica took to social media and wrote:

I should have never agreed to this fake a** storyline, which was supposed to be “he flirted” and cleared up the next episode.


Lyrica just dropped new music:

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