Why Stevie J FIRED From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Why Stevie J FIRED From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

According to the RUMOR MILL which we reported, Stevie J was recently fired by producers of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Read on to see why Stevie J got the ax and was BANNED from future film dates of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta…

Why Stevie J FIRED From Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaCelebNReality247.com is hearing now that the reason behind Stevie J getting FIRED from the series that revolved around him, in the beginning, is due to Erica Mena.

During the taping of last seasons season finale, a source claims that Stevie J and Erica Mena got into a war of words on the set of the reunion show taping.

The source claims that the hitmaking producer reportedly used a homophobic slur about Mena’s son. Stevie reportedly delivered a hate-filled rant about Mena’s 11-year-old son, which didn’t go over well with her.

Erica then reportedly slapped Stevie and some insiders suggest he laid hands on her and security had to pull them apart. He was even reportedly removed from the building by security.

Since the incident, Stevie is reported fired at the moment (pending further investigation). Meanwhile, producers are reviewing video footage of the reunion show to make a final decision. Sounds like the Junior situation where Reece falsely accused him of punching her. Junior is said to be returning to Black Ink and Reece is NOT. – DallasBlack

Maybe this will play out the same, but until then, Stevie J is off the series that put him back in the spotlight.

Fans are NOT buying Erica’s claims. In fact, some fans of “LHHATL” find Erica and her big mouth unbearable and hope she’ll be kicked off the show.

Here is what one LHHATL fan said:

Erica is one of the most annoying obnoxious irrelevant woman I have ever watched on tv.

She’s beautiful, but beauty is dead when you’re a loudmouth bitch to everyone because your life was hard. Half the problems Erica has is because of her mouth. Ask anyone she’s dealt with.

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