Maino Battling Demons “Alone…Nobody Can Help Me”

Maino Battling His Demons "Alone"

We previously reported that Maggie Carrie and Maino have called it quits. However, there are no details on what caused the break up this time.

Maino seemed to shed some light on the situation after he posted an apology on his Instagram story saying “I need help…Seriously!!!!” Now, see why Maino Battling Demons “Alone”

Maino Battling His Demons "Alone" has the latest on “Love and Hip Hop” couple Maino and Maggie Carrie who allegedly broke up on Sunday night after she was apparently done with his antics.

Maino, 45, took to social media saying:

Some things u just have to do on your own…can’t nobody help me Battle my own Demons…I have to do it Alone. #JERMAINE ##AllAgain #OnEverythingiLove

Jermaine Coleman, best known as rapper Maino adds:

Thinking to myself like “your beginning doesn’t determine your ending”…being lost was how we discovered our journey…I was insecure before I found confidence…I was afraid before I learned how to manage my fears…and I was a Savage before I learned how to embrace change….those Dreams are obtainable. Believe!
#JERMAINE #AllAgain #OnEverythingiLove

Reading his posts makes us realize that Maggie Carrie had been putting up with his BS for some time. We get it relationships are, give and take, but it appears she was just done and now he is lost without her.

Jim Jones just dropped his new El Capo album featuring the hit track “My Era” featuring Maino + Drama:

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