Marriage Boot Camp: Vado Says Tahiry Jose Was The Aggressor

Marriage Boot Camp: Vado Says Tahiry Jose Was The Aggressor

Marriage Boot Camp: Vado Says Tahiry Jose Was The Aggressor!

While many fans of Marriage Boot Camp have taken Tahiry Jose’s side, when you watch the WeTV series you will notice she pushed him to his breaking point.

According to Vado, he explains in a now-deleted Tweet that Tahiry was the aggressor.

Vado Tweeted:

Even if they taking ur kindness for weakness but continue to watch da show n u will see who was the aggressor! reports that Tahiry Jose seems to have some serious baggage when it comes to men. She is constantly on 100 and is continually questioning every move. Read on since Tahiry is claiming that the incident with Vado was staged…


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Ur Fckin Ass u could’ve had da Food n Beverage job without goin on television u wanted to go on Tv #slimerothstein

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When it comes to Vado and Tahiry Jose, the hip hop couple seem to be rather toxic together. For a longtime Tahiry and Vado have been friends with benefits – but they decided to take it to the next level but it seems to be failing.

If you ask Tahiry about the situation, she is trying to claim that the whole thing was staged:

Shortly after the clip surfaced, Tahiry wrote a post on Instagram addressing domestic violence.

Jose writes:

First, let me say that I’m devastated that this will be shown for the world to see, but I fully understand that I have chosen to live my life (good… bad… and ugly) in front of the camera.

The former Love & Hip Hop cast member also addressed rumors that the on-camera attack was NOT staged saying:

There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that!

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