Masika Kalysha BLASTS GUHHATL Producers

She’s just NOT into Bow Wow! God, Shesh! Stop! That is just a few of Masika Kalysha complaints because NOTHING EVER changes from the always bitter and ready to fight reality star.

Another season, a new show, and of course, former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Masika Kalysha hasn’t STOPPED being that constant victim. She Left Love & Hip Hop Hollywood after Alexis Skyy joined the cast. But we all know, it was NEVER Alexis, its Masika.

Only to bounce from one reality TV series to another. Yes, Masika Kalysha jumped onto Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, only to start mess there as well.

See, some people just bring drama with them where ever they go, Masika Kalysha is one of those people and now the always bitter and ready to fight reality vixen is at it again. This time she is on the attack against Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. Read on for the tea…

Masika Kalysha BLASTS GUHHATL reports that NOTHING has changed when it comes to Masika Kalysha complaining about TV producers doing her wrong and being messy.

According to Masika Kalysha, the WeTV producers of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta are getting put on BLAST by Fetty Wap baby mama no. 3.

Kalysha is now calling out the GUHHATL producers just as she did when she was on LHHH. #SMH

According to Masika, she’s not into Bow Wow, but editing is trying to make things appear that way.

She insists that she is NOT trying to go after the ex of Erica Mena, Shay Moss.

Masika took to social media and continued to whin and complain that she is NOT into the pint-sized 31-year-old:


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