Atlanta Housewives Mom Gets Brazilian Butt Lift

Atlanta Housewives Mom Gets Brazilian Butt Lift

Oh MY GOD! Can you believe that Porsha Williams mom Diane decided to go the distance and get her backside revamped!

Read on to see Porsha Williams mom Diane new butt…

Atlanta Housewives Mom Gets Brazilian Butt reports that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams mom Diane got her body done by one of the TOP surgeons in Atlanta.

Yes, Mrs. Diane Williams did that!

Diane reportedly pulled a Lil Kim and got FULL BODY liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift.

Porsha Williams mom was a thick lady, without many curves, but NOT anymore!

The Real Housewives mom had already begun the process of STEPPING HER GAME UP about a year ago because Porsha posted the following photo and Diane looks like her older sister, not her mom

Porsha’s mom is feeling the pressures of having a celebrity daughter, so she hired a TOP Atlanta stylist to keep her looking her best.

One person said “beauty in the genes.”

They continued by saying:

Mama pulled out the butt shaper and everything! Get it, mama! I thought that was Raven, Simone. Lovely family. Damn they all look so damn young who the hell is grandma and mommy and aunt Darlene please point them out dang their all young and beautiful women now I know we’re u get it from porsha4real the gene pool is strong am just loving y’all.


And Congrats Mrs. Williams. Do you and twerk that butt!

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