Phor: Sacrifice Cost Him Friendships, Relationships, + Family

Phor Sacrifice Has Cost Him Friendships, Relationships, + Family

Black Ink Crew Chicago star and rapper, Phor is now back on the market since he and Nikki Nicole have officially SPLIT!

Phor, who apparently followed his brother Don’s bad habits just lost his lady. Read on to see the subliminal posts about his break up with Nikki…

Phor Sacrifice Has Cost Him Friendships, Relationships, + has the latest tea spilling from the Black Ink Crew Chicago, and we’re bummed out that Nikki Nicole and Phor SPLIT!

However, we understand, Nikki Nicole found out that Phor was cheating on her so she bounced and according to Nikki, she’s heading to Atlanta or Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Phor talks about his sacrifices to make it in the music industry has cost him friendships, relationships, and family. Though, his boy Ryan Henry is by his side through it all.

It seems Phor is talking about his 9Mag fam, since things ended last season with Phor back with Ryan and Van, Charmane, and Don out.

weighed in on his social media saying:

I lost a lot of valuable things in my life that are no longer there anymore… friendships, relationships, family, money, time, and jewelry etc… I’m just glad I didn’t lose MYSELF in the process ? – Phor

Then he talks about the women who want to sleep with him and how he doesn’t want them. The only problem is that he lost Nikki Nicole because he was cheating.

Phor writes:

She love entertainers so I had to tell shorty… If any n***a with a name can have you, then I don’t want you! ????? You not my type baby but I f**ks witcha. We can take a pic but that’s it! Beware of the clout chasers!



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