Moniece Slaughter EXPOSES A1 Bentley Security Handsy Over Side Chick

Moniece Slaughter SPILLS TEA on A1 Bentley Cheating

The fallout continues from “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s” Misster Ray and A1 Bentley’s alleged altercation.

In case you missed it, Misster Ray accused A1 and his bodyguard for attacking him during filming at Zell Swag’srecent event which will air on the upcoming season. Read on because now Moniece Slaughter SPILLS TEA on A1 Bentley… has more tea spilling in regards to A1 Bentley and his security have been a bit too hands on with other cast members.

See, Misster Ray threatened to expose A1 Bentley, his friend, which ended up with Ray getting slapped silly by A1 and his security during filming. The crazy part is Summer Bunni was seen defending Ray on Instagram.

As for Misster Ray threats to EXPOSE A1 Bentley, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” castmember Moniece Slaughter took the reigns and did it.

Moniece Slaughter has NEVER backed down from anyone who tries her and NOT A1 is her latest target.

Recently, she had plenty to say about her child’s father Lil Fizz hooking up with Apryl Jones.

On a preview, Apryl tells Fizz she’s not against putting her hands on Moniece if she gets disrespectful.

If she comes at me disrespectfully, I’m whooping her a*s on sight.


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Now, Moniece is commenting on the feud between A1 Bentley and Misster Ray.

In an Instagram comment captured by Gossipofthecity, Moniece explained that A1 and his security have been rather handsy with her as well:

Moniece Slaughter SPILLS TEA on A1 Bentley Cheating

During an event that was filmed for the upcoming season, Moniece explains she saw A1 dipping off with a woman “with no ring on.” Moniece claims she saw them and A1 and the security got spooked and hid the woman in a venue bathroom that she was apparently trying to use.

Although she claims the incident didn’t get as physical as Misster Ray’s, she’s claiming that A1’s security is doing all they can to keep A1’s mess out of the spotlight.

Moniece recorded the altercation between her and A1 with her phone, but it has yet to surface online.

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