Monique Samuels On Being Edited Fairly On ‘Love & Marriage: DC’

Monique Samuels On Being Edited Fairly On ‘Love & Marriage: DC’

Monique Samuels On Being Edited Fairly On ‘Love & Marriage: DC’!

Once again former Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels is speaking on editing of her new reality TV series ‘Love & Marriage: DC’. Get more details on why Monique does feel that she was edited fairly…


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A post shared by Monique Samuels (@mrsmoniquesamuels) reports Monique Samuels is getting candid about her experience on ‘Love & Marriage: DC’!

Monique Samuels tells us about her experience on her latest show, ‘Love & Marriage: DC’ and if she was edited fairly.

When asked if she was edited fairly this season, Monique said:

Absolutely not. But I get it. Somebody had to keep the show going. Me coming in as a veteran of reality tv, at this point, I get it. I do feel like a lot of my context was removed from the entire show. Every time there was a situation, you saw everybody else’s reactions towards it. You rarely saw mine which I feel like would have gave a lot more clarity to the situation, but I get it.

As always, Monique has a problem with her new series ‘Love & Marriage: DC’.

She continued:

It’s because Carlos (King) is also trying to establish new faces to tv on a new franchise. So he’s trying to make sure that everybody else has their voice. It was almost like let’s pull the viewers in who have seen Monique on Potomac, and the whole promo was all about getting to know the real whole me you know come over here, that was the bait. Once you watch the show, it’s like, oh by the way look at everybody else here’s who we have to offer you already know Monique here’s everybody else so I get it.

She explained:

With reality TV, I am my true real self all the time whether cameras are around or not. I can’t control what other people and their comfort level is when it comes to cameras so if I’m being 100 me but then cameras come around and you’re holding back they’re gonna focus on me and my actions because they– you have to have something, something has to be given right?

She concluded to TheJasmineBrand:

So when it comes down to editing my biggest fear is always, I’m giving you everything but then you’re taking my reality story and you’re turning it into an entertainment story. So that was always like my reservation going back into it because I’ve been down that road before and I get how it works.

Monique explained that when it comes to reality tv, producers often “choose a narrative” for the cast and whatever gets placed on tv, the cast has to own it, even if they feel otherwise.

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