Nene Leakes FLIRTING with Sexy Younger Man

Nene Leakes FLIRTING with Sexy Younger Man

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras may not be rolling just yet, but the tea is spilling. Nene Leakes was spotted at the Kentucky Derby this weekend, and she was allegedly flirting with a much younger man.

Now, fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta should be mad, but wait until you see Nene Leakes + sexy younger man she was flirting with…


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Let me reintroduce myself…. Hello my name is Nene Leakes #KentuckyDerby

A post shared by Nene Leakes (@neneleakes) on is hearing that Gregg Leakes may be out of the pictures since Nene Leakes + sexy younger man was caught flirting the Kentucky Derby.

Nene Leakes attended the Kentucky Derby with a few friends, and NOPE, there wasn’t any of her Real Housewives with her nor was Gregg Leakes. She was with Michelle Williams and a few girlfriends.

And it appears that Nene was having a good ole time.

Word is, Nene was seen “flirting” with a sexy younger man at the Trifecta Gala in Louisville.

A source at the event said:

Nene was talking to that man – who looks like he played in the NFL for damn near the whole night.

And what we are hearing is that “he was old enough to be Nene’s son. But he was fine though.”

Nene posed for a few photos at the event with a couple of men, but the guy that was described looks to be the sexy bald hunk she is standing within the group photo.

Ladies, he is Kentucky gold, talk about hot, OMG, we are NOT mad Nene!

Nene and her husband Gregg have been having marital difficulties. Gregg has overcome his battle life-threatening colon cancer, but it seems that Nene still feels that the battle has changed her husband for the worse.

A few months ago, Nene told the Bravo audience that she’s contemplating divorcing Gregg and that she is NOT sure what will happen. The couple has NOT been sleeping in the same room for a while now.

As for Nene, it seems she is out to have some fun and test the waters. Maybe Nene needs to get her groove back as Stella did.

If it is with the bald hunk in the photo, he may knock things right back into overdrive.

Whew, he’s a hottie. Take a look:

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