Nene Leakes Says 3 Nice Things About Kenya Moore

Nene Leakes Says 3 Nice Things About Kenya Moore

Nene Leakes Says 3 Nice Things About Kenya Moore!

Now, normally when it comes to nice things to say about a person, you actually speak about the person characteristics. It appears NeNe Leakes had 3 nice things to say about Kenya, but it’s NOT what you’d expect. Read on to watch NeNe struggle to say 3 nice things about Kenya Moore… reports that NeNe Leakes was put to the test when she was asked to say three nice things about her nemesis Kenya Moore.

Andy Cohen decided to ask NeNe on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night and of course NeNe had everyone laughing at her three nice things.

Here are the three nice things NeNe Leakes said about Kenya Moore:

Mrs. Leaks first points out that she is “not the real evil one here.” Oh no, maybe not, but she is the shadiest one!

Anyways, NeNe kind of struggles to come up with three nice things about Kenya saying:

I think she has nice contacts.

I think she has a nice GRADE of hair.

And…um…let me think…a-a-a-a…I think the line around her lip is nice.

She ends with a smirk.

Wow, that was a bit of a struggle, hilarious, but a struggle for NeNe to get out those less than substantial compliments.

Way to shade NeNe. #LOL

We can’t wait to see what Kenya is going to say to her three nice things.

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