Summer Bunni Pops Up At Yo-Yo’s Event To Start Mess

Summer Bunni Pops Up At Yo-Yo's Event To Start Mess

Summer Bunni Pops Up At Yo-Yo’s Event To Start Mess!

Now that Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley are working out things with their relationship and Summer Bunni is part of A1’s past she is upset for being called a homewrecker? Um, we all call it as we see it, honey! Read on and watch how Summer Bunni tried to start mess at Yo-Yo’s Event … has to say this, if Summer Bunni didn’t want to be called a homewrecker then she NEEDS to STOP sleeping with married men for a come up!

The drama started when A1 Bentley’s mistress wasn’t on the guest list, security wouldn’t let her go inside. So instead, she stood outside, screaming and crying, saying how everyone comments on her Instagram and calls her a “homewrecker” but won’t face her.

Lyrica actually almost went outside to face Summer, but A1 stopped her, and asked her to stay out of the drama — so she did. That is when Apple stepped up and brought the Watts to Summer Bunni!

And let’s NOT forget this tea, Summer Bunni TRIED to claim that Yo-Yo invited her to her 30-year anniversary event, but all that went south when Yo-Yo came down to meet her.

Summer tried to plead her case, and Yo-Yo was NOT hearing any of it. She did not appreciate that she was throwing her name at the door, and was upset with her because it was a night for Yo-Yo. It was not a night for a homewrecker to come into her event and cause a fight with Lyrica Anderson.

Yo-Yo is NOT here for the drama, and she is just trying to stay far far away from the drama.

And let’s be real we know her so-called “I just wanna talk to her BS” was just a ploy to get up in Lyrica’s face.

The one thing that Summer is forgetting is that Lyrica good girlfriend Apple Watts was there to rip off her wig and throw down. Apple doesn’t play and she was ready to defend her friend!

She is last seen in the clip yelling “don’t film me…don’t film me!” Maybe she should have said no from the beginning because this is NOT helping her in anyway.

Bottom line, Summer Bunni player herself to be on national TV. Girl bye!

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