Nia Riley Alleges Soulja Boy Caused Miscarriage; He Kicked Her While Pregnant

Nia Riley Alleges Soulja Boy Caused Miscarriage; He Kicked Her While Pregnant

Nia Riley Alleges Soulja Boy Caused Miscarriage; He Kicked Her While Pregnant!

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Nia Riley fame has levied some allegations against her former boyfriend, Soulja Boy.

In a recent interview, Teddy Riley’s daughter Nia Riley detailed the allegations, including how she says Soulja Boy kicked her when she was pregnant. Read on since Nia Riley Alleges Soulja Boy Caused Miscarriage…


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A post shared by Nia Riley (@niariley) reports that Nia Riley, who starred on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood for the first few seasons, alongside her derelict boyfriend and rapper Soulja Boy.

If you recall, for the show’s first two seasons, Riley’s storylines were mostly about relationship woes with Soulja Boy and his cheating.

Nia also spoke on having a miscarriage which was documented on the series. This is not the first time she accused Soulja Boy of being abusive to her.

During that same season, Soulja Boy cheated on Riley in the second season with her friend Nastassia “Nas” Smith, resulting in a violent feud between the two. She has BLASTED him in the past on social media!

Then, Nia introduced Soulja to her dad Teddy Riley, but her father didn’t know that they had been dating for 8 years.

In a 2015 interview, Teddy said that he didn’t approve of Soulja Boy’s relationship with his daughter.

Riley said:

I don’t watch it all… I can’t do nothing to that gentleman because the simple fact she’s welcoming it. If she came to me and say, ‘Dad, this dude is trying to hurt me, and hurt me real bad, and I need something done about it?’ Then something would be done about it.

Shortly after that, the LHH Hollywood couple called it QUITS for GOOD!

Nia Riley Reveals Why She Had a Miscarriage:

Fast forward to now, Nia Riley revealed to Tasha K that she suffered abuse at the hands of Soulja Boy, alleging that he kicked her when she was pregnant.

Nia said:

He absolutely knew I was pregnant. I was like 15 weeks. I don’t think I had told anybody else that I was pregnant because, truthfully, in my mind, I didn’t know what I was going to do or what I wanted to do. And I was in LA so I had some time.

She continued:

I’m not sure what time it was that it happened but I know for sure it was that night, late that night, maybe early morning. I remember I had put a towel on the bed.

Soulja Boy has not responded to what Nia Riley had to say about abuse.